What’s the cheapest camera a professional photographer can use?

Professional photography has never been more affordable than it is today. Digital is now an old hat, so your money is going a lot further than it was 10 years ago. But at what price can you really go as a pro salesperson?

When I started out in professional photography around 2010, Canon had just made a consumer full-frame DSLR for stills only. He was able to film most types of commercial work for most types of commercial media. However, the cost of obtaining a few of these bodies was mind-boggling. Since then, the way media is sold and displayed in advertising hasn’t really changed much, so why do we think we need better cameras than they did back then?

I bought three identical Canon EOS digital cameras, which were full frame. I used these cameras until 2020 with the only reason for a change being the way I work and to allow me to have a faster workflow, not for better images.

In this video, I look at my old kit and figure out how to get a full professional camera and lens setup, as well as a 100% backup up to the task of high-end commercial work for around 2,100 $. Of course, you will still need computers, lights, handles and everything in between, but compared to buying the latest mirrorless or brand new DSLR camera, you will save a lot of money that you can spend. for things that really matter, like big lights, marketing, and of course, an oversized studio.

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