The stone carving workshop continues

A 15 day stone carving workshop camp is held at Home Guard Line. The workshop is organized under the aegis of Amrit Mahotsav of the 75th independence. This workshop will be held until December 27.

Artists including Bhupesh Kavadia (Udaipur), Pankaj Gehlot (Pali), Karuna Murthy (Chennai), Rajasekharan Nair (Thiruvananthapuram), Jitendra Ojha (Baroda), Rakesh Bhatnagar (Bangalore), Robin David (Bhopal), Neerahopal) Ahwar (Bhopal) , Chandrasen Jadhav (Gwalior), Pramod Sharma (Bhopal), Anil Kumar (Bhopal), Khanderao Pawar (Indore) and other participating artisans present their art.

Artist Bhupesh Kavadia (Udaipur) related that in the year 1989 while doing theater he started the work of making figures on stone. At first, he prepared the books kept at home himself. Gradually many different shapes were prepared and today it has been almost 31 years of stonework. Carving in stone In the workshop on display, they create new works of art by adding steel to stone. It has been several decades since figures were made on stone.

In the workshop, we will prepare a stone book on education, which will give the message that being educated and gaining knowledge is the most important thing. Additionally, artist Pankaj Gehlot (Pali) said that he has been giving stone figures for over 35 years. He likes to make masterpieces on black stone. In this workshop, he prepares a figure based on the relationship between man and nature.

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