The SheClicks Awards Celebrate Outstanding Achievement by a Female Photographer

The world of photography, at least when I started ten years ago, was very male dominated. As a young woman attending press launches and photo shoots, I was usually the odd one out in the room, rather than the norm. Although it never held me back and I never received negative feedback, there were times when it would have been nice to be around more female photographers.

Today, the SheClicks community is one of those places where women can enjoy the support of other women who share their love of photography. SheClicks was founded in 2018 by journalist and expert gear guru Angela Nicholson (we’re lucky to have her review kit for us (opens in a new tab)) and he started life as a Facebook group (opens in a new tab) which quickly reached 1,000 members within a month.

While the group started in the UK, membership is now global and continues to grow. This year the SheClicks Awards have launched and I was thrilled to be invited to join the judging panel, which includes amazing women from all corners of the industry – as well as regular “SheClickers”.

About SheClicks

SheClicks Logo

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SheClicks is a community for female photographers with a friendly and informative vibe. It encourages and supports female photography of all experience levels and is open to all women interested in photography, whether they shoot on a smartphone, film camera, DSLR or mirrorless model.
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The SheClicks Awards (opens in a new tab) are designed to celebrate the kit we love the most – whether it’s a small accessory or a luxury camera – and recognize great customer service. One of the main awards is the most outstanding achievement by a female photographer.

Some of the awards will be decided by group-wide voting, but others will be decided by the judging panel.

The prizes include categories on the camera kit, such as Best Enthusiast Camera, Best Premium Camera, and Best Prime Lens. The awards also go beyond the equipment, with the best customer service, the greatest innovation, and the one that excites me the most; Outstanding Achievement by a Female Photographer.

SheClicks will present the trophies for the first-ever SheClicks Awards at The Photography Show 2022 (more details below) on Monday, September 19, from approximately 1-3 p.m.

2022 SheClicks Awards

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Why SheClicks?

SheClicks founder Angela Nicholson has steadily grown the community since its inception, and there are regular SheClicks webinars and in-person photography events alongside the online Facebook group.

“Some people question the need for an all-women’s group in the 21st century, and that’s a good point,” she says. “However, from the feedback I have received at photo walks and other events, many women appreciate the opportunity to take photos and chat with other women. Some have even said that they felt more comfortable asking women questions about photography.

“Statistics also show that only 15-20% of professional photographers are women. And until recently, if you opened up the average photography magazine (or any magazine for that matter), the vast majority of images were captured by Photography plays a major role in how we perceive the world and how we communicate, so I think it’s important that women’s photography is seen, whether it’s snapshots of family life newspaper, major advertising campaigns or documentary images on social issues.”

Meet SheClicks at the 2022 Photography Fair

SheClicks at the 2022 photography fair

(Image credit: SheClicks)

If you regularly follow Digital Camera World, you may already know that in the UK, The Photography Show (opens in a new tab) is back between September 17 and 20 of this year. SheClicks will also be there, with a stand (N301) and an exhibition in the gallery space – not to mention several meetups throughout the event.

On Saturday September 17, immediately after the show closes at 5pm, there will be an aperitif at the exhibition – a great opportunity to view the incredible talent within the group, meet some of the photographers and celebrate their work.

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