The One-Punch Man artist did cooler animation than all of Season 2


One-Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata surprised fans with a short animation, and it has been a while since Saitama has looked so good-looking.

The legendary artist of the Man with a fist manga, Yusuke Murata, posted his own anime adaptation on Twitter, and fans are praising the quality as being far superior to that of season 2 of the anime.

Man with a fistThe animated adaptation of has been in a strange place since it began. The first season was hosted by Madhouse, a very popular and well-respected studio in the anime world responsible for hit series like Death threat and Hunter x hunter. The incredible quality of the animation was a big part of what helped the series establish itself in the United States, eventually leading viewers to experience its manga or webcomic incarnations as well. For the second season, however, Madhouse was too busy with other projects, and so production was changed to JC Staff, with a new serial director. One-Punch Man’s Season 2, which aired in 2019, was controversial, with many fans criticizing the quality of the animation in the new studio, especially in contrast to the above-average quality of the first season. Still, the show’s levels of writing and humor have remained high, and even so, a third season is in high demand.

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September 23, Murata posted a tweet announcing a delay with the next manga chapter, and included with it a 2 minute animation called Go! Saitama, which he created in his spare time. Even though the delay wasn’t much of a surprise, like Man with a fist often takes long pauses while Murata corrects errors and prepares previous chapters for printing in collected volumes, animation certainly was. In the animation, Saitama finds a flyer for a deal at the supermarket – something he still loves – and tries to run to the store, hitting various obstacles along the way. A few other characters make an appearance outside of Saitama, such as Genos and Puri Puri Prisoner.

For an animation assembled in the spare time of a team that usually does sequential art rather than animation, the quality is quite impressive, especially when it comes to the backgrounds (a specialty of Murata). The animated movement is smooth and really emphasizes Saitama’s power and speed. Overall, the art is a bit rougher in some places than what most are used to in professional anime, but the feel is more of a demonstrative animatic than that of a fully finished “episode”. . Although the video currently contains no audio, Murata has expressed a desire to add sound effects, music and a voiceover in the following tweets. A small portion of this animation was first shared in May, so he and his assistants have been working on this 2 minute animation for at least 4 months, and most likely more.

Anime production is often a difficult balance between tight schedules, quality art, and reasonable budgets, and this animation certainly shows how the extra time can impact quality. It also shows what an artist who is passionate about the story they are working on can really do all they can. Without a word on a season 3 of One-Punch Man’s anime or a release date for the next manga chapter, at least fans of Man with a fist have this beautiful labor of love to tame them.

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