Tanzanian women see a bright future in photography

DAR ES SALAAM, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) – Lorraine Shose, a young woman from a suburb of Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam, hopes to earn a lot of money after completing her photography training.

Shose, 28, said he joined a photography training workshop with the Female Photographers Program (FPP), which aims to help teenage girls and young women learn photography for their economic empowerment. She believed the future looked bright.

“I learned the basics of photography. I learned all the things I didn’t know when I started taking a camera,” she told Xinhua in an interview.

“This training workshop opened up more opportunities, connections and networking.”

Shose is one of 60 young women who have been trained in photography by FPP since 2020. The training enables them to make a living taking photos at weddings and sporting, cultural and religious events.

The training workshop is organized in collaboration with Ladies Joint Forum (LJF), a local non-governmental organization working on women’s empowerment and advocacy.

Fransisca Damian, Founder and Executive Director of LJF, said the main aim of the workshop is to empower girls from marginalized communities with a passion for photography as a career to explore their talents and learn skills techniques and creativity in photography.

She said the donor-backed FPP equips young women with the skills to work as independent young women pursuing their careers and becoming job creators.

Most of the young women trained by FPP are girls who have dropped out of school for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy and single mothers, she said.

Damian said statistics indicate that around 90 percent of photographers in Tanzania are men.

“Photography is a male dominated field in Tanzania, so we thought it was time to train young women who are passionate about photography to enable them to enter the market,” she said.

Damian said there were around 500 young women in line to be trained in photography.

“There is an opportunity to create jobs for young women through photography. I see these young women as photography pioneers and game changers in Tanzania, ”said Damian.

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