Street photography day: shots seen around the world

Portland photographer KB Dixon celebrates the art of capturing the moment

Did World Photography Day pass Thursday without you realizing it? Don’t worry: Street Photography Day is on its heels: today, in fact, Sunday, August 22. Grab your Nikon, Olympus, or iPhone and step outside to photograph some impromptu action. Or sit down with these street photos from Portland photographer and frequent ArtsWatch contributor KB Dixon.

World Photography Day, August 19 each year, has been around for a long time and goes back to the root of things, marking the day in 1839 when the French government announced the invention of the daguerreotype, Louis Daguerre’s revolutionary development of the first widely available photographic process. The day of street photography is more recent. It is celebrated every year on the birthday of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the great candid French photographer, born in 1908 and having lived in the 21st century, who died in 2004 at the age of 95. and the heart, ”said Cartier-Bresson. “It’s a way of life.”

Dixon, who specializes in black and white photography and takes rigorously composed studio portraits of other artists, is proof of Cartier-Bresson’s words. Much of his best work comes from wandering the streets, at festivals and gatherings and just haphazardly, looking for those times when it all seems to come together. In honor of this year’s Street Photography Day, he went through his files and assembled this portfolio. Enjoy.

– Editors


Chess match, 2011

Jacket, 2018

Bikes, 2016

Balloons, 2014

Nuns, 2018

Gyro House, 2014

Pecular, 2016

Range, 2018

Cold brew, 2013

KB Dixon’s work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and journals. Recipient of an OAC Individual Artist Fellowship Award, he is the winner of the Next Generation Independent Book Award and the Eric Hoffer Book Award. He is the author of seven novels: The sum of its syndromes, André (A to Z), A painter’s life, Ingram’s interview, Photo album, Novel ideas, and Remarks as well as the collection of essays Too True, Essays on Photography, and the collection of news, My office and me. Examples of his photographic work can be found in private collections, jury exhibitions, online galleries and at KB Dixon Images.

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