Spratt is the artist of the month for October


Kayleigh Spratt’s pursuit of art began for a different reason than most.

“My interest in art grew when my mother (Tiffany) was diagnosed with cancer when I was about 8 or 9 years old in elementary school,” explained Spratt, Artist of the Month. October from the LaRue County Public Library.

She found that drawing provided her with the only way she knew to channel her emotions, to express what she was feeling.

“Now that I’m older I’m so much better and I’ve finally found my style,” said the Central Hardin High School junior. “I took Art 1, 2 and 3 at Central Hardin, which are drawing and painting classes.”

She also gets great tips from watching YouTube videos on oil painting basics. Additionally, she learned while working at Regina’s Art Studio in Glendale, where she started as a student and now teaches others there.

“Regina Powell Williams (the studio owner) is the reason I want to do what I do,” Spratt said. “She taught me that no matter what mistakes I make, those mistakes don’t make me a bad artist, but are just part of the process of improving as an artist.”

His favorite subjects are animal oil paintings, family photos, portraits, anatomy studies, and mental health awareness paintings.

“I want to be able to create light for people in the dark,” she shared, noting other people who have influenced her as she strives to achieve these goals.

“My two cousins, Tenley and Adley Ward, who have been diagnosed with leukemia, make me feel confident and courageous when creating art,” she added. “My great-grandmother, Cleo Spratt, who recently passed away, always taught me that there were no limits to who I wanted to be.”

Daughter of Jon and Tiffany Spratt of Hodgenville, she was the artist of the month for her high school and is working to complete her portfolio for the Governor’s School for the Arts.

“After high school, I plan to go to Western Kentucky University to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to make a difference in people’s lives and teach kids how to release their emotions through art.” , she said. “Someday I want to open a café where people can come in, paint and give lessons for young and old. ”

At 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Spratt will give a short presentation to the library about his artwork, which will be on display there this month.


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