Spotlight: Chronicles of Contemporary Scenes, Chinese Artist Li Jin’s Ink Paintings Mix Irreverence and Tradition

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About the artist: Contemporary Chinese artist Li Jin is considered a master of ink painting. His playful and often irreverent works are rooted in traditional techniques but portray current characters and storylines. Li Jin exhibits with Dubner Moderne in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has exhibited his works internationally. In 2010, his work was included in the influential exhibition “Fresh Ink: Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 2015, a retrospective at the Long Museum in Shanghai reviewed 30 years of his career, and in 2012 he was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

Why we love it: Sensory pleasure permeates Li Jin’s works. The images are filled with tattooed women, pot-bellied men, and elaborate banquets. The scenes aren’t particularly flattering and borderline satirical, but Li Jin’s mischievous sense of the pleasures of life imbues the works with authenticity. Apart from men and women, Li Jin paints scenes of food and drink, with entire exhibitions devoted to his gastronomic visions: he devoted a series to the types of fish, which he rendered with his details and his humor. characteristics.

According to the gallery: Li Jin has the confidence to portray people and things simply so that their meaning, beauty, and value speak for themselves. Filled with humor and his incomparable joie de vivre, Li Jin translates the usually mundane and everyday aspects of life into a colorful and eloquent account of the moment using the tools of tradition. As an artist, his perception of beauty and detail flourishes through his appreciation as an active observer and participant in life. Whether they depict a table teeming with epicurean delights, a moment of quiet contemplation, or the tantalizing passions of love, his graceful and masterful brushstrokes tell stories that are common to all, for they are the simple pleasures of love. life.

Browse the artist’s works below.

The past (2014)
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Li Jin, The past (2014). Courtesy of Dubner Moderne.

The gentle breeze (2013)
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Li Jin, The Soft Breeze (2013).  Courtesy of Dubner Moderne

Li Jin, The gentle breeze (2013). Courtesy of Dubner Moderne.

A month of Sundays (2015)
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Li Jin, One Month of Sunday (2015).  Courtesy of Dubner Moderne

Li Jin, A month of Sundays (2015). Courtesy of Dubner Moderne.

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