REVIEW: The Storybook Dining at Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge returns with delicious entrees and delicious desserts

Artist Point reopened today at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge with Story Book Dining with the return of Snow White. The menu has undergone a few changes so we stopped in to try it and say hello again to the friends of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”!


Artist Point is located on the first floor of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World.


Once seated, guests are centered around this serving platter designed to hold the various plates that food is served from, a wonderful thematic touch.


The interior follows the resort’s turn-of-the-century national park lodge theme, with rustic architecture and lots of wood, even a few faux tree branches are part of the interior decor.


artist point2021_4

Guests have the opportunity to snap photos of a few friends from the classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” during their meal.

artist point2021_1

The characters we spotted were Snow White, Asshole, Grumpy, and the Evil Queen. The four characters walk around the restaurant, staying away from guests due to COVID-19 security protocols. This is a particularly notable change for the Evil Queen, who stayed in stationery near her book.



Every great meal starts with a delicious opener, and we had three to choose from, plus an option for the kids.

Wild Mushroom Bisque

Crispy mushroom


It is a thick and hearty soup that we enjoyed a lot, we highly recommend it.

Nasty Shrimp Cocktail

Bloody Mary dressing, seaweed salad and spicy house seasoning


The shrimp were a bit fishy, ​​but the crunchy greens made it a decent choice.

hunter’s pie

Turkey and chicken, black truffle, cranberry jam and crispy sauerkraut


The flavors of truffle and cranberry remain predominant even among the delicious meatballs that take center stage in this appetizer. We loved this one, right down to the crispy crust on the outside.

Aperitif for children: From the garden

Create your own honey butter with fruits, vegetables and cheese

point of artistedujardin

Young or old, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to make their own honey butter. It’s fun to “plant” the veggies in the provided pot, and you get apples, string cheese, carrots, snow peas, and cucumber slices in the pot with chocolate crumbs and a ” shovel “. The ranch is also provided in the other pot.


The main course makes or breaks the meal, and there are plenty of choices at Artist Point to cater for different tastes. But there is also a lot of difference between the excellent and the less good here, so choose carefully!

Beef Cottage Stroganoff

Tender Beef, Canned Vegetables, Spätzle, Mushrooms And Aged Cow’s Milk Cheese


The spätzle was a good consistency, not too mushy, and there was no lack of meat. It was a bit salty, but a plentiful and filling dish overall that we would love to eat again. Our only complaint was that the vegetables on top were plain.

A walk in nature

Asparagus, leeks, arugula, gnocchi, sage and parmesan


Vegetarian options often don’t hold up well to meat entrees, but this one does. Loaded with cheese, this heavy Gnocchi appetizer was our second favorite of the five we tried. The asparagus was perfect, neither too hard nor too soft. Perhaps the best gnocchi dish in Vacation Kingdom of the World, and that says a lot because there are quite a few of them. We know it’s not the best value for the price of appetizers, but it’s so good you might forget it.

Chicken with herbs from Brother Grimm

Mashed cauliflower, roasted vegetables and chicken jus


There’s nothing fancy about the chicken, but it’s done well, offering tender, juicy bites. But where this dish really shines is the sides, with the Brussels sprouts bursting with flavor. The potatoes and apples are also nice and complement the dish well.

“Rigged” Chicken Witch Spell

Mashed potatoes with herbs, snow peas and vegetable juice (plant-based)


The chicken itself was delicious and well done, and we especially liked the seasoning. However, the menu advertises snow peas and mashed potatoes with herbs, but cauliflower, carrots, and wilted greens were the sides. It didn’t matter, they were still fine. The juice was a bit gelatinous, but tasted good.

Royal prime rib roast

Mashed potatoes with horseradish, carrots and juice


The quality of the prime rib was just ok, it was quite bland and a bit tough. The horseradish mashed potatoes were our favorite part of the meal, providing enough heat to satisfy. The popover was good, flaky on the outside, mushy on the inside. Hay-smoked carrots, on the other hand, were the meanest thing we’ve ever had on a Disney property. They were tough, possibly undercooked, and had a horrible body odor. They taste like their putrid smell.

Magic Mirror Slow Braised Pork Knuckle

Mashed potatoes with horseradish, wilted green vegetables and juice

pork knuckle1

Unfortunately the stem was slightly under-seasoned and a bit dry. But the real star here is the mashed potatoes and the juice below, which were absolutely excellent. They come with a strong horseradish flavor in every bite, which may be off-putting to some, but everyone here enjoyed it.



Of course, we can’t forget the best part of the meal: the good times! We tried the four available desserts to see how good they were.

Miners’ treasures

Cookies’ n Cream Panna Cotta and Chocolate Chips


The panna cotta itself had a good consistency, but we didn’t detect a lot of cookies in the “cookie and cream” flavor, more like a regular vanilla. However, a piece of chocolate under the Panna Cotta added a nice crunch, necessary for sweeter desserts. These Dopey Hats are edible and made with white chocolate, but they aren’t as sweet as the pieces of chocolate under the panna cotta and look grainy.

“Poisoned apple”

Dark chocolate apple mousse and sweet and sour center


Although it is advertised as having a sour core, we haven’t had a lot of “acid” here. It is simply a dark chocolate mousse with a fruity interior. The inner core tasted more like raspberries, which paired well with chocolate. It was nice even though it didn’t match the description, and it’s certainly a pretty presentation.

Fairytale Gooseberry Pie

Meringue and redcurrant


It could be the choice for everyone. The pie crust was very soft unlike the crispy pie that comes with the Hunter’s Pie appetizer. But it is more suitable for this kind of dish. The garnish inside certainly matches, with a distinct gooseberry flavor that isn’t. too sweet. The meringue had a nice crispy shell while the inside was chewy making it a nice way to top off your meal.

The hunter’s gift to the queen

hunting gift

It’s simply a trio of decadent chocolate truffles, with flavors of dark chocolate and fruit. They’re delicious of course, but nothing particularly breathtaking to say about it.



Artist Point offers a few special Snow White and Seven Dwarfs themed alcoholic cocktails during dinner service.

Enchanted apple

Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka, DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple and White Cranberry Juice


An interesting take on the cosmopolitan, but the taste was perhaps too artificial for some. The sour apple dominated the other, so be advised if ordering it for a cranberry or citrus flavor.


Gin Tanqueray, elderflower liqueur St ~ Germain and watermelon


Elderflower liqueur and gin are the dominant flavors, but both are extremely subtle. The elderflower persists, however.

The smoking mirror

Johnnie Walker Black Smoke, Wild Berries, Lime & Rosemary


This drink came out steaming which was neat, but it lasted so short that neither of us got a picture of it. This was the most unique of the three drinks we ordered, not only in the presentation but also had a smoky flavor. It was also by far the strongest drink we’ve had thanks to Johnnie Walker Black scotch. I would order it again.

The antidote

Bacardí Superior rum, hickory smoke, lime juice and ginger beer


Personally, we weren’t fans of it, the smoke was so intense that I felt like it tasted like gasoline. The alcohol was there but hidden under the intensity of the smoke.

Evil to the Heart

Tequila Patrón Silver, blackberry brandy, habanero and orange juice


It tastes (and looks) very similar to many offerings of this style that you can find all around Walt Disney World. It’s high in syrup and sweeter than expected, with a huge pile of blackberry seeds at the bottom. We wouldn’t have that anymore.

An infusion of peaches

Jim Beam Black Extra-Aged Bourbon, Peach, Raspberry and Demerara Burnt Sugar


The bourbon is extremely obvious and the raspberries are an aftertaste. This drink is slightly sweet due to the peach and raspberry intensifying the sweetness of the bourbon, but we finally enjoyed it.

Overall, while the quality of some foods has dropped slightly at Artist Point, we still find it to be a solid choice. The characters and experience are for the most part the same as before, except that we are staying at a distance for now. It might not be the best restaurant in Walt Disney World from a culinary standpoint, but you certainly won’t be disappointed either. And it remains one of the most beautiful restaurants in the vacation kingdom of the world; we are very happy to see him again.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Artist Point and if you can’t wait to dine here again!

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