Renowned artist Sidharth has come a long way. In Chandigarh for an exhibition, he returns to the past: The Tribune India

The universe works in a strange way and artist Sidharth trusts it completely. The pandemic has him locked up too, like most of the others, but he takes it as a blessing. A blessing not only for creators and artists around the world, but for the world at large. On the one hand, it got everyone thinking; second, it gave a pause to readjust to reality. It is the clear sky, the pure water, the song of the birds and the animals wandering in the urban spaces that have helped to breathe new life into his works; next to it, he finished a book – a travelogue on Ganga.

In Chandigarh on Tuesday to inaugurate an art exhibition at Pracheen Kala Kendra Gallery, Sidharth said, “I was born to a father who sang Gurbani and Rangan Wali Mayi. My mother was doing natural colors and she wouldn’t see, but would hear when they were getting ready. Interestingly, this artist born in the village of Bassian, near Raikot, Ludhiana, makes his own pigments. Time spent in Dharamshala and later at the Sobha Singh Art Gallery, Andretta, familiarized him with Western art as much as Tibetan meditation and Thangka paintings. The time spent in Sweden made him plunge into the biblical world where he lived a Catholic-Christian life as Dorji Sidharth. “My style is Thangka and influence, both Indian and Buddhist. “

Global touch

“I was the poorest of the poor students with two shirts and pants,” says the artist. It was at Garhi Art Studio that he began to gain recognition, and fortune followed. From working on a farm in Chandigarh as a chowkidar to his works at Sotheby’s auction, he has come a long way but still remains modest.

Meanwhile, he praises the works of Ankita Gupta on display. Daughter of artist Raj Kishore Gupta, she painted Phulkari, Gond, Himachal, Warli and African art, and preserved it using the epoxy technique. “India has the gift of losing its treasures; this girl beautifully preserves the different shapes!

(The exhibition is at Pracheen Kala Kendra until December 25)


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