Pune: Harvard professor leads workshop for city teachers

Recently, The Academy School (TAS), Pune, held a workshop on its campus to bring out the best in students while teaching. In this workshop, Doris Sommer, professor of Cultural Agent Initiative (CAI) at Harvard University, guided teachers on how to make students feel that education is not just about learning, but about making it a joyful journey throughout their lives.

Sommer also pointed out that teachers should use a new arts-based training program called Pre-Texts. She said the goal of Pre-Texts is to employ reading and critical thinking skills by creating engaging, art-based texts. Pre-Texts facilitates outstanding learning outcomes, unique ways to assess students, and time-saving strategies for preparing lessons and achieving goals.

Saroj M Raman, Principal, TAS, said on this occasion, “Professor Doris, through her interaction session, demonstrated the nuances and exact form of pretexts, which serve as a compelling teaching tool to inculcate paradigms of democratic governance within the classroom, promotes student voice, and creates pathways for an arts-based learning journey.As a versatile tool, pre-texts can promote the sustenance and preservation of various art forms and that in itself is very powerful.”

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