Port Ludlow Art League presents artist and jeweler

PORT LUDLOW — The Port Ludlow Art League’s Artist of the Month is Rose Simon and its Jeweler of the Month is Mara Mauch.

The work of both will be exhibited at the Port Ludlow Sound Community Bank at the corner of Oak Bay Road and Osprey Ridge Drive in Port Ludlow, and online at www.port ludlowart.org.

Simon’s work can also be seen at http://www.etsy.com/shop/rosesimonarts.

Mauch’s work can also be seen at the Port Ludlow Art Gallery adjacent to the bank.

To buy an artwork, send an e-mail [email protected] to make a sales appointment or, for Mauch’s work, head to the Port Ludlow Art Gallery, which is open from noon to 4 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays.

Often whimsical, Simon uses bright colors and incorporates humor into his works. She said she believes color is the universal language that brings positive energy and communicates strong emotions.

She participated in many creative arts and healing programs while living in Montana and taught creative journaling for 15 years. When she moved to Washington, she continued to immerse herself in the art of healing, such as teaching a stroke survivor to draw and paint with her non-dominant hand.

Simon’s favorite subjects are bears, birds, abstract cats and imaginative landscapes. She hopes people will feel the positive energy of her works.

Mauch uses a kiln to fuse multiple layers of glass together to create cabochons that become necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. After applying shimmering metallic coatings to the fired pieces, she shapes the pieces by hand and then anneals them, often repeating this process until she achieves the ideal result.

Even after 30 years of creating glass jewelry and artwork, Mauch never tires of experimenting with glass.

“Every time I open the oven after baking, it’s like opening a present on Christmas morning,” she says. “It never gets boring.”

Guest speaker

The league’s guest speaker this month will be Catherine Alice Michaelis, who will discuss “artists’ books as storytellers and story-catchers.”

Michaelis will present the program online at 1 p.m. on March 16. Those interested in attending the Zoom conference can email [email protected] no later than March 14 for more information.

Michaelis is the owner of May Day Press and has been exploring what an artist’s book can be for 30 years, organizers said.

She works with antique printing presses, movable type, and any printable medium to invoke a dialogue with nature, including paper, fabric, film, magnets, and veneer.

When Michaelis isn’t printing, she sews unique works on fabrics that address gender, ageism and memory loss, organizers said, adding that her creativity is showcased through writing, video poetry, animation and direct dyeing from plants.

She has worked with scientists, writers, visual artists, and even a musician to do publishing print jobs, and has responded to crowdfunding calls, been invited by print institutions to participate in collective works and has curated invitational print sets, such as Stack the Deck: 18 Artists Mark the Cards for Women’s Health and Healing. Catherine is also Associate Director of the Cynthia Sears Artist Book Collection at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

Collective exhibition

The group exhibition, which runs through March at the Bay Club, features 40 artworks created for the Shades of Red theme.

Although there are nearly 100 shades of red, the most popular shades of red are vermilion, wine, scarlet, ruby, and carmine. In Egyptian culture, red was often associated with life, health and victory. In Western countries, red is often associated with excitement, passion and danger.

Participating artists include Alan Ahtow, Ann Arscott, Joan Astin, Brenda Barcelo, Ann Bernard, Fran Bodman, JoAnna Caro, Carol Avoy Durbin, Ann Gagnier, Sheryl Goldsberry, Gary Griswold, Vicky Foster Harrison, Gail Larson, Carolyn Layton, David Layton , Pamela Raine, Randy Radock, Donna Thompson and Diane Walker,

Additionally, in the lobby are abstract works of art by Webber.

For more information on the art exhibitions at the Bay Club at 120 Spinnaker Place in Port Ludlow, email Alan Ahtow at [email protected]

Trade exhibitions

Several local businesses exhibit the works of the league’s artists.

Through April, Active Life Physical Therapy will feature watercolors by Gary Griswold, Coldwell Banker Best Realty will exhibit abstract collages and acrylic paintings by JoAnna Caro, The Beach Club will exhibit acrylic paintings and watercolors by Fran Bodman, and the Post Office of Port Ludlow feature oil prints by Ken Crawford.

Mara Mauch, who creates multi-layered glass jewellery, is the Port Ludlow Art League Jeweler of the Month.

“You’ll never believe what happened today,” is from Rose Simon, the Port Ludlow Art League’s Artist of the Month.

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