Photo Opp will inspire Appleton photographers and videographers

APPLETON, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Appleton’s “Photo Opp” arrived. A new nonprofit, launched last week, aims to create a visual workspace for photographers and videographers.

There is plenty of space in downtown Appleton for businesses and businesses, but nothing, exclusively, for creatives like – photographers and videographers – so far. Photo Opp is a visual workspace for all members of the community.

“Photo Opp is a place where photography and video enthusiasts and professionals can come together and learn together,” says co-founder Graham Washatka.

The nonprofit, which will be housed in a former church on North Bateman Street, is the brainchild of three local artists.

According to co-founder John Adams, “We kind of found out there was a need for a space like this. My experience in video, Graham’s experience in digital photography and Mark’s experience in photography and film development – it all kind of came together as something we all thought the community needed.

Photo Opp will provide a studio and workspace for artists. The plan is to renovate the ground floor of the building into a darkroom for hands-on experiences, while an upstairs studio will be a place to work and learn. Photo Opp hopes to inspire young and old, nurture careers and develop skills while being surrounded by those who are already accomplished in the company.

“There’s going to be a studio where they can go in and have access to material that they can’t afford yet. They’re going to have people working in the company here who can help them and answer questions. It will be a full-service visual place, ”adds co-founder Mark Ferrell

Photo Opp is about to launch its fundraising campaign to help bring its vision to life. The organization hopes to cash in on a $ 5,000 game on Tuesday Giving. Board member Morgan Kirchenwitz said: “We are in space, Photo Opp owns the space, but we need to transform that space and reshape it so that it is ready to host programming. that we are going to offer to the community. ”

Because Photo Opp wants to be open to the public and to its creativity by June or July.

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