Peoria Public Schools Wraparound Center Hosts Free Legal Workshop on Saturday

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – The Peoria Public Schools Wraparound Center is hosting a free legal workshop for qualified residents from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, July 24.

Wraparound Center attorney Yolanda Riley will be on hand to answer questions regarding criminal record write-offs and seals, family law, landlord / tenant negotiations, and more.

The workshop is funded by a grant of $ 100,000 from the State of Illinois Restore, Reinvest, Renew (R3) program. The R3 program generates 25% of cannabis tax revenues to fund grants on violence prevention, community development, youth development, housing, rehabilitation and legal services.

“We wanted to get the word out, we just received the R3 grant funds last month, so now is the time to implement the services,” said Riley. She expects most inquiries to be about how to remove or seal a criminal record.

Illinois House Pro Tempore President Jehan Gordon Booth (D-Peoria) said she started organizing radiation clinics for cannabis records five years ago and was amazed at the number of people needing help navigating the system.

“There was the other space of knowing that people in our community need to have access to legal services, but often don’t have access to a lawyer, or they can’t afford it,” a- she declared.

Booth said people with criminal records are “calcified in poverty” and tend to be mothers who have not served any prison time and who committed the offense between the ages of 18 and 20.

“There are very few jobs that you will be able to access, there are very few places where you can actually have quality housing that will allow you to move in, and quite honestly you will have a tough challenge, if you have a case, even volunteering at your child’s school … then in every way you can get affected when you have a conviction on your case, ”Booth said.

The Wraparound Center is located in the Trewyn School at 1419 S. Folkers Ave, Door 16.

Those looking to RSVP for the workshop can call 309-282-1919.

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