Pastoralists are encouraged to participate in the priority threat management assessment workshop

Written by Tara Garcia

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Foundation recently received $ 3.5 million from the Westin Family Foundation to investigate conservation agreements and help ranchers conserve biodiversity in southwest Saskatchewan as well as maintain their breeding operations.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Foundation and the Conservation Decisions Lab at the University of British Columbia will host a priority threat management assessment session to inform conservation agreements and easements in southwest Saskatchewan as as a program manager for the Stock Growers Foundation, explains Tom Harrison.

“This is an interactive exercise that asks producers, species experts and natural resource experts to form a group and start talking about different elements of conservation, different needs, then come up with priority areas to work on. , priority places and priority activities to focus on. to.”

Harrison adds that through the workshop itself, they hope to gain engagement from producers as well as species experts, ranchers and agricultural producers to get their opinions on different activities.

Harrison says ranchers are essential to the conservation process.

“The ranching community across Saskatchewan is responsible for the conservation and management of Saskatchewan’s native and naturalized grasslands, and the reason we have this allows wildlife to thrive and give a home. “

The online workshop will take place on Tuesday 23 November from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. For more details and information on how to participate, contact Wayne Hellquist, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Foundation at [email protected]

Participants will also receive a Cowtown gift of $ 50 as a thank you note.

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