Paris Eternal uses Overwatch workshop to train for Overwatch 2


In the race for the Overwatch League Championship, and in light of the confirmation that the 2022 season will be set on Overwatch 2, each team is making significant roster changes in an effort to secure an early advantage in uncharted territory. . Corn eternal Paris, in particular, are using resources like no other to move forward.

Work with what you have

While playing on the original Overwatch, Paris Eternal CEO Kim “AVALLA” Kyoung Ey worked alongside mod developers EloHell to bring the closest Overwatch 2 workshop closer together for their trials and practices. This included changing teams to 5v5 and adding as many announced hero changes as possible, as well as taking some creative liberties with unannounced changes.

AVALLA said using the Workshop play mode for the team’s offseason testing was something she had been thinking about around mid-September.

“It made sense in my mind to train in 5v5,” said AVALLA. “As far as I know, other teams train in 6v6, probably because it’s easier to judge a player for them that way. I was like, “Why don’t we try 5v5 instead of 6v6?” You can at least get used to it, although it’s not a perfect representation of Overwatch 2. ‘”

Echo for the Paris Eternal, in flight on Numbani | Photo provided by Robert Paul for Activision Blizzard

In preparation for the 2022 Overwatch League season, teams need to recruit players for a game they do not yet have access to. A good chunk of teams already have a possible starting five signed in their roster, and the Eternal is only a few signings away from that, too. But, according to AVALLA, this mod integration strategy doesn’t just help the Eternal build a smarter roster; It also gives players training for 2022 a stand-in game to prepare with until Overwatch 2 is released.

“I think a lot of players who train on our mod agree that it will help them more for next season,” said AVALLA. “Giving these players the chance to try new things, whether they’re confirmed for Overwatch 2 or not, shows their flexibility and helps us determine what we’re looking for as a team.”

Offer a taste of the future

After working alongside Coby “CactusPuppy” Zhong, one of the main developers of this mod, AVALLA and the Paris Eternal sent a workshop code to their trial players weeks in advance. This gave them time to adjust before entering the trials.

This specific mod is built on top of the simple, pre-existing Workshop 5v5 mod, but it has added as many of the announced hero changes as possible. For the other heroes where no changes were revealed, the team decided to add custom abilities to other heroes to add more variety and balance to the modified game.

“It took about a month in total to add all the capacity we have now,” CactusPuppy said. “There were a lot of bugs, and with workshop mode you’re basically trying to rework the game without all of the tools you would normally have as a game developer. This isn’t the first time we had to make a mod for competitive play, so we just had fun making it and then had to balance it afterwards.

Same game, different feeling

Of all the players on rotation throughout the trials, the remaining core of the Paris Eternal 2021 roster was able to train in the workshop alongside potential new teammates. For Danish DPS Nikolai “Naga” Dereli, that first 5v5 facsimile was a breath of fresh air that helped maintain his love for the competitive side of Overwatch.

“For this 5v5 mod, I feel like there is more portability per person,” Naga said. “DPS can do a lot more, and the business objective of 6v6 matches has changed to quick carry moments. The changes themselves bring new things to discover, something Overwatch hasn’t had in a while, and those discoveries help freshen up the game and keep it fun.

Eternal Paris Naga
Naga, plays for Paris Eternal | Photo provided by AVALLA

After playing around with all of the modified abilities, Naga said he enjoys both theorizing in the mod as well as learning about the heralded changes from Overwatch 2. Among the examples of creative ideas implemented by the The mod’s development team includes giving Mercy the option of giving her Guardian Angel to a teammate or letting Doomfist strike on a vertical axis. Whether made by the mod team or the official Overwatch team, both changes were equally fun to play, according to Naga.

“The adaptations that all of these pro players are making are so quick,” said Naga. “You sometimes forget about new abilities, both the confirmed ones from Overwatch 2 and the custom ones, just because of the lack of playing time. But, experimentation is what makes it fun. The crafting part of the game. The theory is great, and most pro gamers will adapt quickly just because they already had to do it for Overwatch in the first place.

Potential off-season favorites

Above all, AVALLA’s jump to use this mod for their melees is something she thinks is specific to them for this offseason. She thinks this could set a trend for other team training until the official release of Overwatch 2. According to CactusPuppy, no other competitive Overwatch team at any rank has contacted her to create a mod like this. .

“It’s surprising to me,” CactusPuppy said. “AVALLA told me about it as well, as it is confirmed that the next season will be on Overwatch 2. Of course, players can carry over their mechanically and co-op skills to next year, but there is always a big change. Teams must try in these new environments, even if they are incomplete.

In an offseason that marks the most player movement since the inaugural Overwatch League season, the Paris Eternal are doing their best to stay ahead of their competition and maybe even change the canvas standards. league for the foreseeable future.


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