OUR LEGACY WORKSHOP launches the “MIND ON THE RUN” collection

Don’t adjust your sets – OUR HERITAGE WORKSHOP is back. This time, it’s without collaborators, keeping your mind free to focus on one thing and one thing only, the love of racing. Enter the “MIND ON THE RUN” collection.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, OUR LEGACY fans, myself included, are in for a treat. No, it’s not an attack on anyone’s character; through its main and collaborative DIY space, WORKSHOP; discharges are administered by drip on a regular schedule throughout the year. With collections divided into bite-sized drops, you’ll never feel hungry.

That being said, the last product shipments to land have been reserved for the main Legacy line, leaving WORKSHOP feeling a bit left out. That is, until now.

Back in shape with a solo venture with a collection that will likely tie the end of summer into fall/winter 2022, the love of racing takes center stage in a presentation of the first full collection of branded running clothes.

It’s worth noting that OUR LEGACY WORKSHOP dabbled in the world of running before coming to Satisfy, and this solo journey borrows many of the motifs used in this collaboration. If you own one of these pieces, you will recognize oversized typography and yin-yan logos with the same placement.

Well, it’s no surprise that the t-shirt options in this collection were created alongside Satisfy. Additional pieces, which include hats, shorts and outerwear, are finished with camouflage prints, as well as contrasting dark and light tones, giving an aesthetic representative of the WORKSHOP universe.

If you’re laced up and ready to go, the OUR LEGACY WORKSHOP “MIND ON THE RUN” collection should arrive at SSENSE and the OUR HERITAGE online store August 1st.

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