Nocturnal urban art workshop in Noyes July 22 | neighborhood supplement

SUBMITTED BY CHERIE MINER for the Neighborhood Extra

The Noyes Art Gallery will be hosting an evening workshop on painting a nocturnal cityscape using the plein air approach on Friday, July 22, from 7 to 9 p.m.

The class, taught by Julia Noyes, will meet at the Noyes Art Gallery, 119 S. Ninth St., just half a block from the painting location. Abundant parking is available in the lots and on the street at night.

Many Impressionist artists, like Monet, used the plein air technique to capture the light and feel of a scene. Likewise, this class will focus on capturing the feel of the city at night. Noyes will show how to photograph, draw and develop a small painting. She offers participants to come with a canvas painted in ocher yellow or orange.

Each participant will bring their own supplies, a phone camera, a pencil for drawing, a small canvas of your choice, watercolours, acrylics or pastels, a variety of paintbrushes, an easel or card table to work, a chair, water and rags. Noyes will demonstrate the use of acrylic paints.

Entrants can use any color, but Noyes suggests color combinations such as: Blue Dominance (Prussian blue, ultramarine or thalo, turquoise, Payne’s gray, white, black, orange, all metallic colors) or Brown Dominance (burnt sienna, umber, copper, black, white, any blue, silver, any metal).

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After class, you might want to continue the Impressionist tradition and join your classmates at a café for a discussion about art. You must register and pay the $60 fee in advance. Payment can be made by phone to Noyes Art Gallery at 402-475-1061. Space is limited.

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