Mowsse and Puerto Rican National Day Parade Announce NFTS Artist Scholarship Fund

HOUSTON, TX – Artists from around the world, 18 years of age or older and of Puerto Rican descent, have been invited to submit 2D or 3D video art as part of a fundraising effort for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP) Scholarship Fund. Mowsse, one of the first independent digital marketplaces for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has selected the NPRDP Scholarship Fund as its first philanthropic investment.

This creative collaboration will result in an NFT collection featuring 35 works of art inspired by iconic symbols of Puerto Rican culture, amplification of Puerto Rican artists, and fundraising assistance for the Fund. Twenty (20) artist submissions – some of whom have submitted works in multiple categories – are being made on the Mowsse platform. Three of the 20 artists will be chosen for special recognition by Mowsse, and one of the three will be featured as a featured artist on the platform.

“We initially extended our call for artists with plans to select work from just 10 people to benefit this very worthy cause. therefore doubled the number from 10 to 20. We look forward to offering these 35 works of art for sale to the public on parade day, June 12,” said Mowsse Creative Director Susie Cortez.

The artists whose work has been selected are: Eduardo Acevedo; Joseph Alvarez; Albert Areizaga; Romie Art; Alexander Aviles; Fabiola Baez; Matthew Bergmann; Omar Cruz; Adriana Gonzalez; Hektopas; Kristal Marie Hernández; Alexis Irizarry; Lena del Sol Langaigne; A Rad Latina; Joel Matos; Raúl Olmo; Karina Mercado; Angela Rosado; Jan Tomasini; and Nessie Yara.

According to artist Nessie Yara, “My daughter was an NPRDP scholar. I am very grateful for all the support they have given my daughter. That’s why I’d like to participate in the fundraiser – as a way to say thank you for what the NPRDP does to fulfill dreams.

Sales of NFTs from this unique collection will go live to the public at the start of the show on June 12. Proceeds will benefit both the NPRDP and the respective artists, in line with Mowsse’s artist-centric philosophy.

Members of the media can contact Jen Evans or Jasmin Espada via [email protected] to secure access to the interview and request additional information.

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