Montana photographers took some amazing photos this week

BILLINGS – Over the past few days, photographers in Montana have been able to take the photos of their lives as the Northern Lights danced across the sky more prominently than they had in previous years.

“All I can say is it was epic. It was so beautiful. I knew we were going to get a little bit of it, but I didn’t expect this much,” Sarah Sleaford said Sunday, Rosebud photographer.

MTN News / Mitch Lagge

Sarah Sleaford speaks to MTN News via video call on Sunday.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, the Montanans were treated to a light show, if you knew where to look. Sleaford has been taking photos of the night sky near Forsyth since 2015, but she hasn’t seen anything like the electromagnetic show Mother Nature put on a few nights ago.

“This is the first time in about two years that we’ve had perfect conditions. No moon. No wind. Not a single cloud in the sky for eastern Montana. It was perfect,” Sleaford said.


Sarah Jane Photography

Sarah Sleaford’s husband, Tell Sleaford, stands atop a vehicle in this lovely photo taken from his driveway in Rosebud.

From her front yard in Rosebud, Sleaford left her camera shutter open for about 15 seconds to capture a photo of her husband, Tell Sleaford, standing on the roof of a vehicle. To see more of his work, visit his Facebook page by clicking here.

You didn’t even need a professional camera to capture the beauty. Any old cell phone would have done. Billings amateur photographer Kelsey Hansen took the picture below about 15 miles outside Roundup on Wednesday. Hansen said his phone’s camera saw what his eyes couldn’t.


Courtesy of Hansen

Kelsey Hansen took this photo after cramming the family into the car and driving about 15 miles outside of Roundup from Billings.

“It certainly wasn’t as vibrant as when you took a photo. It took me by surprise. Phones take amazing photos these days. Well over two years ago. Night mode was automatically turned on and it soaked in all the light and exposure and stuff. They turned out amazing,” Hansen said.


MTN News / Mitch Lagge

Jennifer Hansen speaks with MTN News at Pictograph Cave State Park on Sunday.

Jennifer Bagley is the owner of Phoenix Photography in Billings. She took the stunning photo seen below north of Laurel on Wednesday night with her model Sam Edwards.


MTN News / Mitch Lagge

Sam Edwards posed for this photo on Wednesday, taken by Jennifer Bagley, owner of Phoenix Photography in Billings.

“It was literally looking at the forecast and deciding that was the best time, between 9 and noon. So let’s go out and see what we can get,” Bagley said.

“It’s crazy because she sees it. So I think we’re looking at fog or clouds or something and then contrails start happening and I’m like, oh my God. That’s really cool,” Edwards added.


MTN News / Mitch Lagge

Jennifer Bagley (left), owner of Phoenix Photography, and her model Sam Edwards speak with MTN News at Bagley’s Billings Photo Studio at 2160 Central Ave.

See more photos of Bagley on his Facebook page by clicking here.

Photographers said the solar cycle is looking good for more Northern Lights photos over the summer, so photographers should get their cameras ready.

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