Meet the official photographers of the Biden administration

President Biden and Vice President Harris have their own “Pete Souzas”, and they are also working to create a visual archive of the new administration.

Why is this important: Photographers Adam Schultz, Lawrence Jackson and their colleagues have a number of social media sites that provide insight into the president and vice president when the media is not present.

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  • Souza did the same for President Obama, creating a huge social network for him and the White House.

  • His legacy continued with books and an MSNBC special, “The Way I See It”.

Schultz photographed Biden throughout the 2020 campaign and now serves as the President’s official photographer.

President Biden and Vice President Harris pose in the presidential limousine in Atlanta in March. Official White House Photo: Adam Schultz

Vice President Kamala Harris looks out the window at Marine Two in April. Official White House Photo: Lawrence Jackson

First Lady Jill Biden waits outside the Oval Office in March. Official White House Photo: Cameron Smith

First Lady Jill Biden greets during a July 4 trip to New England. Official White House Photo: Erin Scott

You can follow their work on the following Instagram accounts:

Their photos are also available on Flickr on the official White House website. Photographers also use these personal accounts:

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