Meet S Lagnesh Kumar aka Lucky taking over the world of photography and entrepreneurship as a passionate Andaman professional

It’s always surreal to learn and know all of these people, especially the young brigade from different parts of the world, who exude a different level of brilliance and passion when it comes to their respective industries.

These people show what it takes to become the best in whatever field they choose and how people need to resiliently evolve toward achieving desired goals and visions in life. The creative and artistic industry is one, which has so far welcomed many talented beings.

However, a few of them have pushed the boundaries, crossed borders and created a unique niche for themselves, even in industries that are already saturated. S Lagnesh Kumar, aka Lucky from Andaman, does just that as a young photographer, entrepreneur and content creator.

Ask him what drove him to the world of photography and filmmaking, and the youngster responds quickly by saying, “Show my creative talents with my photography skills and show people my creative visions through it. what I capture. Also, providing something new and refreshing and making sure I create lifelong memories that they will cherish.

Lucky began his journey at the age of 19 and remembers how a DSLR gift from his parents changed everything for him. In November 2019, when he realized he had honed his photography skills as he started taking amazing photos, he started taking paid photos, and since then this young talent hasn’t never looked back.

He also attributes his success to his parents Shri S Lusan and Smt Urmila Devi, both government teachers in the Andaman Islands, who have always supported him and his dreams.

Taking inspiration from the travel video Youtuber Ankit Bhatiya, who had visited Andamans with Radhika Norms, Lucky realized that there was so much to explore in this place, and this is how it was more. motivated to learn and understand photography and to radiate its brilliance in the world at the same.

This led Lucky to start his own company named “Equator Films Production” in Port Blair, Andamans, which has now become a one-stop-shop for all kinds of filming and photography services, weddings, birthdays, short films and more. They are also planning to do web series.

S Lagnesh Kumar has so far completed numerous projects and gained a loyal following in a very short period of time, proving his excellence, passion and prowess as a content creator, photographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

For more, follow him on Instagram @ itstruly.lucky or visit the website,

Posted on August 6, 2021

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