Meet Mayas Kumble, the wildlife photographer trained by an illustrious father

‘Safari Saga – Wild Encounters of a Young Photographer’, a book by Mayas Kumble, the son of former India captain Anil Kumble, was launched here on Tuesday by former India drummer VVS Laxman and renowned wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma.

Mayas was drawn to wildlife photography because of his legendary father whose passion for wildlife conservation and capturing rare wildlife moments through the lens is well known. “A family trip to Ranthambore in May 2017 changed my life forever,” Mayas said of her passion.

On this trip, the impressionable boy asked his father what he would be doing in the forest when Kumble senior handed him a camera. Mayas learned the basics of the camera and, in his own words, “was thrilled to embark on the adventure of creating images and following in my father’s footsteps.”

The book includes some of the wildlife extracts from Tadoba to Nagarahole and Hampi to Ranthambore, covering such diverse wildlife as tigers, leopards, bears, raptors and other birds.

One of the most memorable encounters for Mayas was when he was able to freeze Tadoba’s famous tigress, Maya, chasing a tigress who tries to break into her territory. Another shot that stands out is Kabini’s black panther enjoying a cold monsoon morning.

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