Local hip-hop artist reflects on Young Dolph’s death

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – A local hip-hop artist reflects on Young Dolph’s legacy a year after his tragic death.

Memphis’ music scene has always had a major impact on the rest of the country.

Memphis has several well-known big names that have transformed the music industry, including Elvis, Johnny Cash, and BB King.

Memphis hip-hop makes its own mark, and Young Dolph was one of them.

“He was a really cool, laid back guy,” Louis Cole said. Cole has been in the music business for 24 years.

He spends most of his time away from One Sound Studio, the South Memphis recording studio he owns.

Cole is also a sound engineer. He met Young Dolph inside and outside the studio.

Cole says Young Dolph was kind and genuine.

“I desperately remember so many of them being on his level, having such an attitude or you know, or feeling on top of everyone when they’re in the room. No, not Dolph,” Cole said.

That’s part of the reason the young rapper’s death still hurts a year later.

“It was heavy,” he said. I was in the studio recording at the time, and I promise you… everything froze.

For a time, Memphis rap too.

Cole says many stopped collaborating on music often out of fear of who they could trust after Dolph’s murder.

Cole says over time there has been a change since then.

“People [are] let people in now,” he said. “It’s like, ‘you do this’ oh ok, kidding with you, rocking with you…let’s do something,” Cole said. “Memphis is really coming together now, I mean really coming together in a big way, and that’s why you see so many talented artists starting to get along now.”

From artists like Big Boogie and Grammy-nominated GloRilla, Cole says he loves where Memphis rap music is heading, he’s just heartbroken that Young Dolph isn’t around to see it.

“It’s exciting when, you know, people are going to see them on stage with these great artists making these big feature films…and the crazy part about it, they send it back to us here,” he said. declared.

Cole said the Memphis rap scene has become like a family, and he hopes people will continue to honor Dolph’s life through collaboration and support.

“He’s in a better place,” he said. “He changed Memphis music forever.”

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