Local artist Susan N McCollough exhibits at Alabama Gallery –

Local artist Susan N McCollough exhibits at Alabama Gallery

Gulf Shores artist and gallery owner Susan N McCollough exhibits her work at the University of Alabama Gallery in Tuscaloosa. The solo exhibition “An Expressionist’s Journey” features twelve large abstract paintings and a sculpture by trainer Nick Saban (above), a special project she undertook and which has become a centerpiece of the exhibition. McCollough sculpted a bust of Saban slightly larger than life. Cast in Bronze, in an edition of 6, the Cast Bronze from this exhibit was donated to Nick’s Kids Foundation (by Terry and Nick Saban) which will be housed in the Saban Center once completed. In written remarks at the reception, Terry Saban said, “We thought the bronze statues were for Philosophers and Presidents only, not ‘The Process’. Until the Saban Center is completed, the sculpture will reside safely in our home so Amelie and James can see their papaya when he is not at home.
Another bust from this edition is kept at the Paul B. Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa and another will be kept at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in Birmingham. “It’s a highlight in my artistic career to come home to my Alma Mater for this solo show,” said McCollough.

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