Lexus NX300 displays aggressive lines in new render, looks ready for SEMA

If you can dream it, you can make it happen. And thanks to technology nowadays you can take this dream further. And I don’t mean drawing like they did decades ago, but resorting to 3D design to create a rendering of what you dreamed of. And with any luck, if someone loves your job, it just might come true.

I’ve been following Brad Builds for a while now and he has an interesting outlook on creating unique builds. Some of his recent projects include a slammed 2022 McLaren Artura, a wide and wild Ford Mustang S197, or a Japanese touring car-style Toyota Supra MKIV. He’s even created Safari-style projects, and there’s even a thrown DeLorean in there, among other cars.

The Lexus NX has been around for about 7 years now, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a modified version that I like, at least not until now. But the Los Angeles-based artist has come up with a design that feels ready for SEMA. If you had seen this exact rendering presented by Liberty Walk Performance, it would all have felt pretty natural to you, to say the least.

From the outset, the front bumper is a sign that this rendering was developed from an NX 300 F Sport version. This NX is considerably wider than its stock counterpart, and it offers a very strong presence thanks to the fact that it is also slammed and rolls on very spectacular wheels. I’m willing to bet if this was shown on the SEMA Show it would be a big hit.

At the same time, if you imagine a big spoiler on the back of this thing and an upgraded engine, it would probably look just as good at Pikes Peak. Pricing for the NX300 starts at $ 37,610 before taxes (shipping, handling and handling charges of $ 1,025) if we’re talking about the base model, with front-wheel drive. But if you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, you’ll need to add at least $ 9,000 more for the NX 300h Luxury.

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