Lessons a professional landscape photographer has learned after 10 years in the business

Of all the genres, landscape photography is probably one of the most nebulous when it comes to establishing yourself professionally and making a career out of it. This great video features a seasoned professional discussing his journey from amateur to professional landscape photographer over the past decade and the many lessons he learned along the way.

Coming from Dave Morrow, this excellent video discusses the lessons he learned on his journey of building a landscape photography business. Part of the difficulty of making money with landscape photography is that, unlike most other genres, you will rarely have a direct assignment with a client. Rather, most of your money will come from things like print sales and the like. And of course, while mastering your camera and post-processing is essential for success, the best thing you can do for yourself is work out the ins and outs of small business management and marketing. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve seen many talented photographers who fail to succeed simply because they lack good business sense, and I’ve seen others who have had significant success even they weren’t superstars behind the camera just because they had good business sense. Watch the video above for Morrow’s full recap.

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