Learn the art of photography with some of Hollywood’s biggest names

Photography is an art. While you can take decent photos with your smartphone, real photography takes skill and work.

Learn photography with some of the best with the Photoshop photo and photography bundle. This bundle contains everything you need to know about fine art and commercial photography and it’s taught by some of the biggest names in the game.

Founded by photography masters Michael Muller and Patrick Hoelck, the Photo School gives you inside information from expert photographers. Michael Muller is known worldwide for his blockbuster movie posters, innovative shark photography and the iconic Time magazine cover in remembrance of Kobe Bryant. Patrick Hoelck is an award-winning film and video director and veteran portrait photographer.

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They have photographed celebrities such as Rihanna, LeBron James, Kanye and Clint Eastwood and have created posters for major films like guardians of the galaxy, Captain America, Iron man 3 and much more. The courses in this set are taught by the founders themselves as well as by their talented proteges and peers. Not only will these courses give you the tools you need to take great photos, but they will give you invaluable insight into the visions of top-in-class photographers.

Study the versatile medium of photography with studio, outdoor, and onsite shooting classes for portraits, action shots, street photography and more. Start with the basics to orient yourself before moving on to the professional tips and tricks that will take your photos to the next level. Then, Photoshop lessons show you how to edit your photos to make them ready to print, publish, or submit to magazines.

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This Photo School set is essential for any budding photographer. Explore 13 courses, 100 lessons, and 20 hours of content from teachers who really know their stuff. The pack is on sale for a limited time at $ 99.99. Don’t miss out on this offer that will help you transition from novice photographer to professional photographer.

Prices subject to change.

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