Israeli photographer posts images of sheep flock movements

Israeli photographer Lior Fattal published documented images patterns of moving herds of sheep in northern Israel, after following them for more than six months.

Fattal is a drone photographer and spent the seven months documenting thousands of sheep in the Ramot Menashe area, capturing the patterns of animal herding, dispersal and crossing over and, in that frame, the transition from the green landscape. from winter months to yellow summer months.

“I was addicted to the awesome sheep movement,” Fattal said, according to Walla.

The flock of sheep is owned by South African Jews who made their aliya and settled in the north. Most of the year the herd is kept in natural pastures and kept under control by Border Collies when they are on the move.

Sheep move from winter pastures to summer pastures to supplement the herd’s diet. Therefore, the whole herd moves along a 5-7 kilometer path from the northern valleys to the outskirts of Ramot Menashe.

“Already when I first encountered the herd, I became addicted to the awesome movement of sheep and realized that the first challenge is to understand the elasticity of the herd during movement, its degree of dispersal during grazing and how it converges into one towards the exit, the return of the pasture and the crossing of roads and paths, ”said Fattal.

To put the pictures together, he coordinated with the shepherds to formulate a plan and the direction in which the flock would move.

“They made an effort to spot in their heads the expected movements and the way the herd behaved in the pasture,” Fattak said, adding that he “formulated a general plan for the points of interest relevant to the photograph. “.

“One of the most special photographic experiences,” he remarked.

“When it comes to photography, due to the elasticity of the herd structure during movement (one attached to the pasture exit and a wider distribution during pasture), apart from the opening whip, where I accompany a complex camera movement out of the winter pasture – in all other sections, the camera is fixed in the air, “he concluded.

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