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An interactive workshop held at a Park Street venue was an educational event for students aspiring to go abroad for their academics but don’t know how to take care of their nutrients and healthy eating.
Mayanka Singhal, nutritionist, facilitated the session with Payment Chitlangia, student traveling abroad, academic advisor and admissions advisor.
Parents and children often have no idea of ​​the customs or food choices that prevail abroad, according to Payal Singal. She even mentioned that students who travel abroad often gain weight because they don’t know what to eat while living away from home and frequently choose unhealthy foods that cause weight gain. So that they can make wise food decisions, it is crucial that they have a broader understanding of nutrition and diet.

To avoid having to rely on processed or canned meals while away from home, the program aimed to provide young adults with a better understanding of nutrition and help them develop a balanced diet.
When Payal asked Mayanka what a student should eat as an after-dinner snack, she said, “I wouldn’t recommend pizza as an after-dinner snack, but there are lots of other great options, like a big bowl of fruit, hummus with salad sticks and any nut butter spread on sourdough bread. She also replied that it is crucial to eat cereals. “The amount of grain should be in the middle finger of your palm, followed by two fingers on either side for protein and vegetables, and the two shorter fingers for fats and sugars, all of which should be kept to a minimum. ”


Payal asked Mayanka about a quick and easy breakfast who suggested having a high protein breakfast of cereal or oatmeal with milk and eggs. It can be supplemented by simply adding fresh fruit and almonds to a smoothie, she replied.
Chef Ritabrata Biswas demonstrated some healthy one-pot meals for the students at the end of the session. He made grilled chicken, raw papaya salad, bowl of rajma and simple but wonderful lettuce salad, healthy and very quick to prepare.
– Mahé Saraogi

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