Instagram may soon allow everyone to add links to stories

The lack of links in stories and posts is one of the things I really wish Instagram would change. Judging by the current test – it just might. As of today, some users can add links to their stories and it may soon be available to everyone.

If you use Instagram, you probably know that not everyone has the swipe up link option. You must have 10,000+ subscribers or a verified account to be able to get this feature. However, Instagram’s new test allows a limited number of users to add links to Stories even if they are not among the “chosen” ones. As part of the test, users can add a linking sticker to their stories. So, it’s not a swipe link, but it’s still a feature that many would find useful. Instead of swiping up, viewers can tap the sticker and visit the link.

Speaking to The Verge, Instagram product manager Vishal Shah said the test was small at the moment. It was launched primarily to learn how people would use links and benefit from this functionality. He added that link stickers “are Instagram’s end goal,” both for those with the swipe-up link option and those who don’t. “This is the kind of future system that we would like to access,” said Vishal, “and this is what we hope to deploy, if we are able to make that work.”

The Verge notes that link stickers will remain limited to stories, and Instagram still has no plans to bring them to feed posts (or anywhere else, for that matter). But still, I encourage the feature to pass the test and become available worldwide.

Personally, I would enjoy it the most on the account connected to my Serbian blog. I’m using Linktree right now, but I wish I could add a link to every new post in Stories. I think photographers could benefit as well, as they can direct their audience to projects, collaborations, YouTube videos, or whatever they post on Instagram. Overall I think this is a useful feature and will keep my fingers crossed for it.

[via The Verge]

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