Improve Your Travel Photography With These 10 Fun Challenges

Both amateur and professional photographers are passionate about travel photography. What’s not to love about capturing the special moments of your adventures? Whether you want to take photos that will bring back wonderful vacation memories or take professional-looking photos that can help you get started as a photojournalist, it’s important to work on your skills and challenge yourself to learn from. new things.

Consider these photo challenges that can inspire you to go out with your camera and try something a little different. Here is a secret. The point of a challenge isn’t just to take a nice photo that represents the challenge. It’s more about learning more about your camera, developing a new skill, and discovering more about your own interests in photography.

Don’t stop there either. Once you have completed this list, you might want to create your own list of fun photo challenges that will help you continue to help you hone your skills as a photographer.

Photographing a reflection

Alaska has so much natural beauty – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Take a photo of a reflection that you find pretty or interesting. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. For example, you can go to a local body of water and capture a reflection there. Alternatively, you can just take a photo of something that’s reflected in a mirror in your home.

For this challenge, focus on one aspect of taking this photo that will make it more fun for you. Think about the best way to capture symmetrical highlights. Focus on telling a story or just creating contrasts. It’s yours.

Find a rainbow

Hawaii's rainbow catches the eye of travelersHawaii rainbow grabs travelers’ attention – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Take a photo of a rainbow. You don’t have to wait and try to find one after a local thunderstorm. You can instead take a photo of a rainbow image in your home or community. You can also look for prisms or glass objects that could filter light in a way that creates a rainbow of colors.

The goal of this challenge is simple. Try to find the best way to represent the rainbow. Pay attention to how you capture color and how you experience different colors through your lens.

Focus on something interesting for you

A dark comic sign on a cemetery benchA dark comic sign on a cemetery bench – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

What you focus on in a photograph will determine the story it tells. For example, in this photo which was taken in a cemetery, the focus is on the quirky bench and black humor that displays a message for passing drivers. However, if the focus of the image was on something else, the writing on the bench could be obscured and the photo would tell an entirely different story.

Try to take a photo that tells a unique story based on the specific thing you choose to focus on. This is a daily challenge that you will need to overcome if you want to become a professional travel photographer. You will find yourself in a situation with impressive scenes, and you will have to choose what to focus on and what story to tell.

Capture a scene through a window

Sometimes it is better to have a window seatSometimes it is better to have a window seat – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Tell a story by photographing a scene through an open window. Windows holds a certain mystique. Think of movies like “Rear Window” and even episodes of the sitcom “Friends” that rely on fascinating observations through a window. Think of your camera as a voyeur when trying to photograph a story or special image through a window.

For this challenge, try taking a photo through an open window. It could be a car window if you are a passenger, an airplane window, or just your bedroom window. Make sure you have the window itself in the photo, as it is part of the story of this challenge.

Take a creative selfie

Selfies can be fun to takeSelfies can be fun to take – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

For this challenge, think about how you usually present yourself to the world. How would you prefer to be seen instead? For this challenge, try taking a selfie that makes you feel good about yourself.

Be as creative as you want with this selfie. You can choose to sit under a tall tripod for some perspective, or you can even choose to just take a photo of your eyes. It’s yours. The goal is to creatively capture an aspect of yourself in a way that gives you joy.

Photograph a fixed object that seems special to you

The Fairmont Le Ch̢teau Frontenac supports Pride MonthThe Fairmont Le Ch̢teau Frontenac supports Pride Month РPhoto courtesy of Robin Raven

Try to pay attention to the things around you at home and elsewhere. Look for something that is important or special to you. It doesn’t have to be something that matters to someone else. It can be as simple as a favorite food in the kitchen or a childhood doll.

As you take the photo of the stationary object, think carefully about the story you want to tell with the way you photograph it. For example, you can choose to put a beloved doll from your childhood at the center of things essential to your adult life. Spend as much or as little time as you want to capture a stationary object.

Take a picture in rainy weather

A long, winding road looks different in the rainA long, winding road looks different in the rain – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

The landscapes around you will take on a whole new mood in the rain. If you have the right gear to protect your camera from the elements, get out there and take photos during the rain, or take your photo for this challenge right after it rains.

Think about how the weather influences your photography. Beyond lighting, what is the role of weather in travel photography? After careful consideration during this challenge, you might find that you need to get used to looking at weather apps to plan the right photographs in any location.

Capture an image of something you have created

Vegan caramel apples are deliciousVegan caramel apples are delicious – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Here is the opportunity to bridge the gap between two of your creative passions. In this challenge, you will have to take a photo of something that you have created. It can be anything, including a treat you baked or a cross stitch pattern.

Think about how the meaning of your original creation can change through the lens of the camera. How can you best showcase what you have created? Can you tell a story about it through the picture you take, or can you show how much he was loved? This challenge is about appreciating your talents and what matters to you. Present it in a way that makes sense to you.

Showcase a key moment of a sunrise or sunset

Diamond Head in Hawaii looks very special at sunriseDiamond Head in Hawaii looks very special at sunrise – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

This challenge is simple. Capture a beautiful moment at sunrise or sunset. It’s no secret that the sky often takes on a colorful, dreamy look as the sun rises and sets. Make an effort to wake up before dawn to capture a sunrise at a great spot in your hometown, or step outside at dusk to capture the setting sun.

It is quite easy to get a nice photo of a landscape at the very start of the day or when the day turns into night. What you want to focus on with this challenge is what you want to capture and how you want to take the photo. Try to go to a place where you have never seen the sun rise or set before.

Capture the personality of an animal you love

Sheriff the donkey is one of a kindThe sheriff the donkey is one of a kind – Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Human and non-human animals have a lot more in common than many people realize. If you have a pet, you may have noticed that they have strong personalities, desires and feelings just like you. For this challenge, try to capture the personality of the animal you love the most in a photo.

You can have fun with this one. Just spend about an hour with your pet and take photos frequently while you indulge in other activities. You can try to capture them in a capture game or take a picture of them while they are napping. The point is to try and tell a story about their own personality.

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