Images Vevey 2022 rewards photography talents with special prizes

The visual arts biennial Images Vevey, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, has opened its eighth edition September 3, 2022. Featuring over 45 artists from around the world, this edition, titled “Together. Life together”, emphasizes the sense of community and suggests several facets of living together through a unique and distinctive approach. As usual, he does this through his singular concept of bespoke photographic exhibitions that come to life through indoor and outdoor installations. These works invite the viewer to experience images in a different way and for free. In addition, mixing elaborate decorations, worked scenographies and often impressive dimensions of the prints, the artists’ projects benefit from new interpretations and an unusual pleasure. All these aspects make this festival a real landmark on the international photographic scene.

In these historic times when wars and environmental and health crises undermine the very foundations of society and accentuate inequalities, art cannot be exempt from its political role. In this regard, emphasizing the importance of making connections between us, human beings, and between what surrounds us, this is the objective of Images Vevey 2022. This year brings great stars of photography and art (like Thomas Struth, Marina Abramović & Ulay, Gillian Wearing) with lesser known contemporary artists, emerging talentand the promises of the new generation.

Exhibition view of Sian Davey, Festival Images Vevey 2022, Fondation Vevey Ville d’ImagesEmilien Itim

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