How to get Workshop Cards in Rocket League


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Photo courtesy of Psyonix / Epic Games

Fans are always shouting suggestions to the developers of their favorite games, including Rocket League and its developer Psyonix. Unlike some games, Rocket League actually allows some fans to make their suggestions come true by creating their own custom maps through the Workshop.

With a plethora of custom Workshop maps, Rocket League fans want to know how to download and play these maps. Here’s everything players need to know about Workshop maps:

Workshop cards in Rocket League are actually pretty straightforward to get, requiring just a few clicks on Steam. Unfortunately, being run through Steam means all console gamers hoping to play Workshop Cards in Rocket League will be out of luck. These personalized cards are only available on PC.

First, players will need to log into Steam and upgrade to Atelier Rocket League tab. Their players must locate and select the map they wish to download. On the map page, all players need to do is click on the green “Register” button, then the map will be downloaded automatically.

How to get Workshop Cards in Rocket League

In Steam’s Rocket League Workshop tab, players can choose and download any map of their choice. / Photo courtesy of Steam

Once players have downloaded the map of their choice, they should launch Rocket League and select play from the main menu. Next, players should click on the Custom Games tabs and from there they should be able to select Workshop.

The screen should then show all of the Workshop Cards downloaded by the players that they should now be able to select by playing as they please.


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