How a telephoto lens can improve your landscape photography

Wide-angle lenses are almost always the first thing landscape photographers look for and, of course, there’s a good reason why they’re so popular in the genre. That being said, long telephoto lenses can produce equally interesting images and may in fact be the best choice for certain images. This excellent video will show you what you can do with one and why it’s so useful.

Come to you from Nigel Dansonthis excellent video explains why a telephoto zoom can be so useful for landscape photography. Longer lenses are really useful for several reasons. The extra compression can bring elements closer to the frame, which can increase the drama of an image. Perhaps more importantly, in my opinion, they can solve a common problem in the genre, which is an overly loaded frame. They allow you to select one or a few elements from a scene and create simpler, more direct images that contain only what is absolutely necessary to tell the story. Watch the video above for the full Danson recap.

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