Hawaiian artist releases brand new song written for our military under the international movement encouraging members to ‘stay golden’ in an uncertain world

Singer-songwriter Stef Mariani launched an inclusive international movement founded in Hawaii and based on his recent award-winning album Nā Hōkū Hanohano stay gold. The Stay Gold movement, named after the album’s title track, helps people move from feelings of isolation to living meaningful and meaningful lives by learning and implementing the eight pillars of the principle. Stay Gold.

Multi-award-winning artist, Stef recently released his new single, “Use My Imagination (no more war)”, inspired and directed to those who send their loved ones to war, on April 29, 2022. This song is part of his latest project as part of the Stay Gold Movement.

Flow “Use My Imagination (no more war)” available on all streaming services worldwide.

“The Stay Gold principle has helped me enormously in many ways, and [illustrates] how we should show the true meaning of Aloha and the true value of community and how we should share this with the world. It helped me reframe and refocus on those core principles,” said Nicole Caccal, CEO of FORBES Ignite.

Regardless of age, race or sexual orientation, Mariani shares with over 1,000 members, from Hawaii to Kenya to Europe, how to “stay gold” or stay true to yourself in an ever-changing world. Mariani has coached the international group over the past 18 months with dramatic results that have captured the attention of the Huffington Post, Deepak Chopra and other national media. She also currently sits on the Forbes Musicians Coalition.

In line with the success of his admirable “Stay Gold” crusade, Stef is due to perform at Blue Note in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 27 and will release his latest single “Use My Imagination (no more war)” on April 29 on his Klever label. Kitty Records. Additionally, Mariani is gearing up to release her first book titled “Stay Gold – Be True to Who You Are in a Changing World” in July 2022 in both physical and audiobook form complete with full musical production. The memoir includes a detailed explanation of how precisely one can “stay golden”, revealing Mariani’s personal story and why she cares.

“It can be very difficult to ‘stay golden’ – or to remain kind and sincere in the face of life’s difficult trials,” says Mariani. “But by doing just one little thing every week, or every day, you can spread a ray of light and a reflection of universal love. I truly believe that.

In 2011, Mariani left a very controlling religious organization and marriage, forcing her to shut down completely in which she found her light was burning dangerously low. Now a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award-winning artist, she uses her unique life experiences to help people who are shut down due to the pandemic and shows them in simple steps how to “stay golden” and start healing.

“Stay Gold” was the title track of Mariani’s album produced by three-time Grammy and Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner Dave Tucciarone. stay gold earned her a win for Alternative Album of the Year in 2018, as well as a nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year. After her victory, people immediately started asking Mariani what “Stay Gold” meant and in 2020, when she could no longer take the stage to perform due to the pandemic, she started the Stay Gold Movement, which also became a non-profit organization based in Hawaii. helping artists like Bruddah Waltah and Starr Kalahiki pay their rent while they mentored the audience and fed the kupuna.

“Stef, she’s so genuine that she really loves what she does and she puts her whole body and soul into it,” Tucciarone said. “It’s a full body experience for her and it comes from her soul, it comes from within.”

Mariani recently returned from the Grammy Awards on April 3 where she performed a sold-out show in Las Vegas during Grammy week.

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