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Imogen Cunningham: A Retrospective. Seattle Art Museum

Imogen Cunningham was a very influential black and white photographer in the 20th century. She is known as a Californian photographer, but she grew up here in Seattle. She studied at the University of Washington and opened her first studio there. I am delighted that Seattleites are learning more about his work and his influential career.

I feel like the word pioneer is often overused, but I think for her it really fits. In the 20th century, she really made her mark in photography when she was still very male dominated. She had such a good eye. She knew exactly what she wanted, in the frame, out of the frame, how to play with light and shadow. It is very crispy.

Uprising of urban crafts

It’s a giant craft fair that takes place this Saturday and Sunday at the Seattle Center, and then also outdoors in South Lake Union next Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be tons of tables with items made not only by local artists, but artists from all over the United States as well. You will find jewelry, handbags, ceramics, candles, embroidery, etc. If you need a gift for the holidays, now is the perfect time to go. And it’s free.

Murder the city devils at the Crocodile

The Devils are that garage-rock punk band from Seattle from the 90s. They’ll be playing this Sunday night at the newly reopened Crocodile. The Crocodile was in Belltown for decades. They are in a new space which is much bigger and much more chic. There is a restaurant now. There is a comedy club / bar. There is a smaller space for concerts of lesser-known bands, and there is also a hotel.

Basic independent production: wood

This is a musical performance at Base, a performance venue in Georgetown, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday. There are six percussionists who are drumming on pieces of wood. It’s a bit experimental. These percussionists will play that kind of soundtrack in a way, and the hexagonal installation around which they play is also a light installation. The organizers told me that they hope to create this sound bath atmosphere almost, almost like meditation. Organizers say edibles are recommended, but not mandatory.

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