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wonderful forests

Capture the beauty of woodland landscapes all year round (Image credit: future)

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Our main story this month is capturing majestic woodland landscapes. We are rushing headlong into autumn (autumn) in the northern hemisphere, which is the favorite season for landscape photographers. However, not only do we show you how to capture the best images of the stunning fiery color associated with this time of year, we also look at how to capture the most potential of woodland environments over the course of a month. With the help of a landscape pro Adam Burton (opens in a new tab) we’ll explore the best ways to capture detail, color and atmosphere.

Pro Editing Secrets

Enhance your images in software with a high-end finish (Image credit: future)

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Post-processing is part of the life of the modern photographer. However, it is very easy to get stuck in a rut with our common treatment style and process. Professional photographers need to work fast, so their favorite actions fall into two categories: creativity and speed. In our second article this month, Technical Writer Kim explores the tools all top publishing professionals use to help you capture images that stand out in print and online. Check it out for some artistic inspiration!

Artistic Marines

Ross Hoddinott explores the best way to capture coastal features in his creative project (Image credit: future)

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Coastal locations are like a magnet for landscape photographers and for good reason. The contrast in tone between water and land produces a wonderful fine art feel. In our creative project this issue, one of the UK’s best-known photographers, Ross Hoddinott, explores how to use long exposures to produce fascinating photos of artistic coastal detail, from planning to the shooting process and during the assembly stages. Complimented by Ross’ beautiful photography, this is a must-read.

Perfect dog portraits!

Cuteness overload warning! In our Shoot Like A Pro slot this month, we visit a canine photographer Graham Crichton (opens in a new tab) for a studio shoot with a handsome pup named Patch. Graham explains how to work with animals, communicate with their owners, and master lighting to capture stunning canine portraits. (Image credit: future)

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Light zooms

Explore our group test where this number pits us against the best lightweight zooms on the market. But what’s the best value when looking to ditch the tripod and work handheld, Tamron, Nikon, Canon or Fujifilm? (Image credit: future)

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