Finalist co-founder of the El Comalito collective for the ACLU artist in residence program

VALLEJO – Vallejoan Edgar-Arturo Camacho is one of two finalists in the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence program.

The program seeks to harness the ability of art to help people recognize their own power through storytelling, reflecting a vision of themselves or their story in powerful ways; motivate people to exercise power, humanize issues that are overlooked or ignored in order to draw the public and decision makers to an issue in ways more traditional ACLU methods cannot; and, as communities enter a world with many unknowns, helping people imagine a way forward, according to a press release.

Camacho is part of the Affiliate Project for a year-long collaboration aimed at bringing artistic and creative strategies to the work of the ACLU and engaging affected communities.

He co-founded El Comalito Collective with Abel Rodriguez, who grew up in Fairfield.

Camacho wrote in his artist statement: “I used to paint and write poetry to escape the pain, fear, depression and frustration due to the lack of community and family that I had. ‘had, but today I paint my community and my culture from a place of joy. “

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