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A talented fan artist created a piece depicting singer and actress Selena Gomez as DC’s Zatanna, and it fits in remarkably well.

Selena Gomez Zatanna DC

Fan art is a wonderful medium for a number of “what if” scenarios. From imaginary crossovers to fun little alternate timelines where the artist’s favorite characters enjoy life without constant agony (watch, let Lara Croft and Sam live their lives in peace), it allows the artist to bring out some of their more unconventional ideas just to see what they might look like if the world got a little more wacky. For example, take this CC Selena Gomez fan art as DC Zatanna.

One such application of the idea is fan casting, allowing artists to imagine what things might look like if their favorite actor or actress were playing their favorite character. Some feel right at home, like Vin Diesel as Mr. Freeze, while others like to push the boundaries a bit with their creativity. But this latest DC-related offering definitely seems to fall into the old category, and after a glance at the illustration in question, it’s pretty easy to see why it would work so well.

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KISS fan and fan artist Carlos Gzz has come up with a casting choice that seems almost obvious. In one work in particular, he portrays actress Gomez as DC Comics’ cunning magician Zatanna, and that could almost be an official announcement poster. Her look harmonizes remarkably well with the character’s sleek and flashy outfit, compounded by that straightforward expression fans have grown to love from the actress and singer.

Gomez currently stars alongside comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short on Hulu’s Only the murders in the building, displaying the same dry spirit and personality that emanates from the work of art. It’s a personality choice that would instantly fit in well with the role of Zatanna, who uses her witching powers as part of the Justice League while still managing to maintain an impressive stage presence. While Gomez might not be some people’s first choice for such a flamboyant character, his perspective could add some interesting dimensions to the magical hero and performer.

It also raises the idea of ​​how Zatanna will translate into the current superhero movie climate for the upcoming HBO Max Hero movie. One look at the character and it’s pretty clear that, at the very least, her outfit could probably use an update. Unlike predictable defenses like “she chooses to look like this is female empowerment” which conveniently ignores the fact that the character was created by two men, this costume in a modern movie could quite easily be seen as objectifying. the character and the actress. Similar to how Birds of prey‘s Black Canary used a much more reasonable outfit compared to the hero’s classic fishnet look, it would be nice to see something practical when Zatanna debuts on the big / small screen.

Either way, it’s clear that Gomez would be a perfect fit for Zatanna, at least visually. Chances are, she’s not the only one cast in the HBO Max movie, but even so, it’s fun to think about it. Hopefully the film ends up being as pleasing in its medium as Carlos Gzz’s work in his.

Zatanna is currently in development.

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Source: Carlos Gzz / Instagram

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