Excruciating moment, wedding photographer calls bride by groom’s ex name and her face says it all

It is the one day in your life when you are guaranteed to be completely and utterly the center of attention at all times.

So naturally, most brides don’t want to share the spotlight with someone else about their marriage – let alone their husband’s EX.


Bride’s face fell when wedding photographer called her by the name of her husband’s exCredit: jpvideographie2141 / Tiktok

Unfortunately for a recent newlywed, her photographer has repeatedly brought her husband’s former flame to the forefront of everyone’s mind as she continued to get the wrong name.

And to make matters worse, the absolutely excruciating moment was filmed – so the entire wedding party will remember it forever.

Earlier this month, the couple videographers shared the awkward clip on TikTok – where it racked up over 687,000 likes.

In the viral video, the photographer asks newlyweds Corey and Kaitlyn to lovingly look at each other as they pose with their wedding party.

We hear him say: “1,2,3 … Corey and Taylor look at each other.”

The bride’s face suddenly drops when she hears the name of her husband’s ex – before laughing quickly with her groomsmen.

She then tactfully told the photographer, “He’s her ex …”

And just when you think the couple have recovered from the awkward mistake, the photographer accidentally calls them Taylor AGAIN.

Apparently the bride from the previous week was named Taylor!

The bride shouted, “WAIT! “

Rushing to defuse the situation, a savvy member of the wedding party tells the photographer to call them “the couple” instead.

The video crew captioned the video: “Photographer calls bride by the wrong name… which happens to be the name of the groom’s ex.”

After the video went viral, videographers rushed to defend their colleague.

They added: “Apparently the bride from the previous week was named Taylor!”

But that didn’t stop others from speculating that the groom’s ex had been involved in some way.

One of them replied: “It was probably Taylor who told him to do it …”

Speaking from experience, another added, “As a photographer I call people the wrong name all the time. I would die if that happened to me.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote, “You’re all crazy for being mad at this.

“Photographers are normally strangers and literally shoot tons of weddings. Why let that ruin your day?”

To make matters worse, the photographer made the mistake TWICE


To make matters worse, the photographer made the mistake TWICECredit: jpvideographie2141 / Tiktok

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