espacio 18’s lightweight steel frame brings earth structure to life for artist’s getaway to mexico

Espacio 18 creates a living/working space for an artist in Oaxaca

In the northern part of Oaxaca City, Space 18 Architecture has restored a neglected lodge into a little getaway for a visual artist. Built over several decades, the original structure had to undergo radical changes to be efficient and meet the client’s requirements. The brief was to retain as much of the pre-existing brick walls as possible, creating a design that passively responds to its setting. To achieve this, the architects decided to intervene with a light steel frame to reinforce the construction, enlarge the spaces and create three areas with different functionalities: a leisure area, a ceramic workshop and a bedroom. all images by Camila Cossio

steel, adobe, pine wood and brick complete the home

The “Plúmula House” is a hybrid structure that can change its function depending on the client’s needs. Combining living and working spaces, the project acts as a retreat for the artist who wishes to spend her days off there when she visits Mexico since she works abroad. According to the architects, the project is a workshop, a living space, a meeting place and a refuge, while being the home of a Flamboyán tree which is the protagonist of the site. “The Plumule is the initial process of plants, a green miniature from which stem, leaves and flowers arise.”

Thanks to a light steel structure, the design team sought to strengthen the construction and enlarge the spaces. Sliding openings pierce the walls to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors and bring touches of green indoors. In terms of materiality, Espacio 18 opted for steel, adobe, pine wood and red brick, a variety of simple materials usually employed by local workers and accessible to the budget allocated to the project. The design incorporates eco-friendly features including solar heating, rainwater harvesting through filters, LED lighting and adobe walls that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the heat city ​​constant. The resulting structure exudes a warm atmosphere with a monochrome palette that visually expands the interior. It is a place to be inspired, contemplate and relax.

espacio 18's lightweight steel frame brings earth structure to life for artist's getaway to mexico the Flamboyán tree is the protagonist of the propertyespacio 18's lightweight steel frame brings earth structure to life for artist's getaway to mexico a light steel frame reinforces the pre-existing brick walls

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