Drama Workshop for Pingalwara Special Quarters: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Amritsar, July 16

At first, the special quarters of Pingalwara had the opportunity to bring out the artist in them through a theater workshop by the famous theater actor Dr. Ankur Sharma. Sharma runs the YUVAA Theater in Jalandhar and works to develop theater and drama as alternative learning tools.

The three-day theater workshop held at the Manawala branch of the Pingalwara was based on the theme of ‘theatre for life’. The workshop focused on the development of mental alertness, physical movement, coordination of group work, voice and speech development and personality development.

Dr Ankur Sharma said the workshop focused on using theater and acting techniques to help the people of Pingalwara and the students of the schools working there realize their potential and discover new possibilities. to improve their lives. Dr. Harjit Singh, director of the acclaimed film “Eh Janam Tumahre Lekhe”, based on the life and works of Bhagat Puran Singh, founder of Pingalwara, was also present at the workshop. “The workshop was especially useful for people with mental disabilities and even those with physical disabilities. Deaf children learned to use mime and other theatrical expressions. Likewise, acting and drama classes were conducted keeping in mind the individual needs of the participants,” said Dr. Ankur.

Students from Bhagat Puran Singh Adarsh ​​Higher Secondary School, Bhagat Puran Singh Special Education School, Bhagat Puran Singh School for the Deaf, patients from various neighborhoods in Pingalwara also participated in the workshop .

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