David Yarrow Presents Latest Episode Of Popular Photography Podcast


World famous photographer David Yarrow presents the fifth episode of their wildly popular podcast focusing on the Life Behind the Lens.

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2021 / Few have seen the planet like David Yarrow did. World-renowned art photographer, author and conservationist, he is famous for his evocative and immersive photographs of life on earth. Now, fans of his work are invited to take a peek behind the lens, thanks to Yarrow’s hugely popular photography podcast – In Focus.

In Focus, David Yarrow’s photography podcast, gives listeners unprecedented access to the famous photographer’s creative process. Promising a glimpse into the life behind the lens, Yarrow and his team recently uploaded episode five.

Through its episodes, David Yarrow’s In Focus takes listeners on a swimming journey through the icy waters of Norway, through negotiations with North Korean hijackers, and explores the photograph of the world’s largest elephant. . Yarrow, born in Glasgow, does it all, he says, in search of a photograph that transcends.

His massive following on social media is a testament to his incredible work, amassing a total of over half a million fans on Instagram and Facebook alone.

Launched earlier this year, In Focus has already received considerable press attention. In just a few short months, discussions of Yarrow’s podcast made the pages of The Times, Financial Times, Guardian Guide, Digital Camera World, Sunday Post, Daily Record, and more.

In Focus has also been picked up by The Good Life Project, Air Mail, Pod Bible, The Best Life and others.

Introducing Episode Five of David Yarrow’s Photography Podcast, In Focus

“Amboseli National Park may not be the destination of choice for tourists looking for the so-called Big Five, but what it lacks in a multitude of animals it more than makes up for in elephants.” , reveals David Yarrow, presenting the last episode of In Focus, soberly titled Amboseli.

Kenya National Park, Yarrow continues, is where he captured his majestic images Africa (2018), Squad (2019) and The Circle of Life (2015). “In this episode of In Focus, I take you on an adventure through the stories behind the plans,” he adds.

Previous episodes of the art photographer’s podcast include The Killers, North Korea, Polar Bears, and Mankind. Episode 1 – The Killers – focuses on one of the few places in the world where it is possible to capture a killer whale on camera.

Meanwhile, in episode four, Mankind, Yarrow recalls his travels to South Sudan where he photographed the Dinka people in the shot that made his career, Mankind (2015).

During his career, the fine art photographer, author and conservationist has traveled to some of the most isolated places on the planet to capture images of landscapes, indigenous communities and wildlife. When not traveling, he currently resides in London.

Listeners can listen to David Yarrow’s photographic podcast, In Focus, on more than a dozen platforms, including Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castro, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Podchaser, Stitcher, and Spotify.

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