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About two dozen voters attend Monday’s special town hall meeting in Dalton to pass a handful of spending articles on capital projects.

DALTON, Mass. – Two dozen voters obtained the approval of seven mandate articles at a special 20-minute town hall meeting on Monday.

A total of 24 residents, including elected officials, attended the Nessacus Regional Middle School to go through the relatively minor articles of the mandate that necessitated the meeting.

Credits have been approved for paving and various road works, which will be reimbursed by state Chapter 90 funding, as well as the city’s share ($ 50,000) of a grant from the Federal Management Agency. emergencies for engineering to improve flood mitigation at Walker Brook.

The only questions from the public came from Jean Gingras, who wanted to know the balance of the Capital and Sewer stabilization funds (which they voted for the transfer of $ 262,476 and $ 30,000). Finance Committee Chairman William Drosehn said these funds currently stand at $ 753,800 (sewer) and $ 1,216,280 (capital).

“This is the reason why we chose to take our capital improvements from the stabilization account,” Drosehn said. “It got pretty big, so we decided to take this this year. It won’t happen every year, but it helps lower the tax rate a bit.”

The biggest job of the evening was assigned to “design, innovate and build” at City Hall, $ 500,000, including all asbestos removal work and temporary office relocation. Managing Director Thomas Hutchinson told attendees they hoped to get the job done for less, but requested a higher amount due to auction uncertainties and any unexpected issues.

Voters in attendance also approved a plan to allocate $ 25,000 to a consultant to review job descriptions, classifications and the city’s compensation plan.

Hutchinson noted that the last time this was done was in 2001. The 20-year-old classifications and pay scales are outdated, he said, with some falling below the amount of the salary. minimum wage updated in 2022.

“Dalton is far from competitive in his pay,” Hutchinson said. “If Dalton is to attract and retain a high quality workforce, we will have to pay reasonable salaries for the work required. “

Finally, the city changed the credits given at its regular municipal meeting last month, adding an additional $ 28,000 for the transfer station, to cover the cost of updating its recycling program to bylaws recently revised by the Board of Health.

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