Culver City Chamber partners with local business to host April 18 earthquake renovation workshop

City of Culver The Chamber of Commerce has also arranged for member Optimum Seismic, Inc. to offer free preliminary engineering services in the event of an earthquake for owners and managers of apartment buildings in April and May. This special offer includes: an initial site visit/consultation; engineering analysis and design alternatives; a face-to-face meeting to present Optimum Seismic results and a fixed construction estimate; and the preparation of a shortlisting report of sweet stories, as required by the City of Culver arrangement.

“We recommend that apartment owners and managers be proactive in protecting their business, building, employees and tenants from earthquakes and other natural hazards,” says City of Culver President of the Chamber of Commerce Maria Jacobo. “We look forward to helping local apartment owners in the future to make City of Culver an even safer place to work, live and play.”

“We appreciate the City of Culver The Chamber of Commerce is proactive in organizing this webinar to help our community become more resilient to earthquakes,” says Culver City Council member Göran Eriksson. “Every apartment building that complies with the City’s renovation ordinance makes City of Culver an even safer place to live and invest.”

the Town of Culver City conducted an inventory of buildings most vulnerable to severe earthquake damage based on age, construction and materials. The city passed a seismic retrofit ordinance in 2021 to make these buildings and their occupants safer from earthquakes.

City of Culver is home to a large number of older apartment buildings which may have structural issues associated with soft-storey construction. These buildings feature collapsible parking spaces that often have weak supports for air units and can be prone to failure during earthquakes.

“Earthquakes will happen, but they don’t have to be disasters,” says Ali Sahabi, co-founder of Optimum Seismic, Inc.. “Proven safety measures such as seismic retrofits protect the local economy, protect the public, and preserve buildings in the event of earthquakes. Seismic retrofits have also been shown to be highly cost effective in numerous studies.”

During the last years, City of Culver The Chamber of Commerce has actively participated in numerous educational seminars and webinars led by Optimum Seismic to advance the business community’s understanding of the importance of earthquake resilience.

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce supported the city’s efforts to make these buildings earthquake safe and arranged for Optimum Seismic to hold free informational workshops for property owners and managers. local apartments.

Optimum Seismic’s team of experts carried out seismic engineering and anti-seismic renovation works in California since 1984. Owners and managers of apartments interested in organizing a consultation for preliminary seismic rehabilitation engineering can contact Jonathan Salazar at (323) 412-4233 or by email at [email protected] and mention the City of Culver Chamber of Commerce.

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The Optimum Seismic team realizes California safer cities since 1984 by providing comprehensive seismic engineering, steel fabrication and construction services for multi-family residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With over 3,500 earthquake renovation and retrofit projects, Optimum Seismic’s work includes soft-story multi-family apartments, unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings, and non-ductile and framed concrete tilt buildings. in steel. To arrange a free seismic resilience assessment of your building, contact Optimum Seismic at (833) 978-7664 or visit

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