CTV Northern Ontario News: Northern photographers link negative trail reviews to natural beauty in Algonquin Park

A couple of photographers, Jesse and Susan Villemaire, operating in the Muskoka region, mainly in and around Algonquin Park, are the owners of Follow Me North Photography.

Jesse & Susan Villemaire of Follow Me North Photography (provided)

The couple met in 2018 as part of Algonquin Park’s 125th anniversary; traveling together from Southern Ontario to the event, they quickly realized their passions for the outdoors, travel and photography. About 30 minutes from their destination, they stopped in Muskoka to rescue a young turtle crossing the road together and in that moment they fell in love.

Their work features hundreds of miles of walking, driving and paddling around Algonquin Park.

A little over a year ago, in preparation for another photographic expedition, the couple used the All trails website to plan their route and notice multiple one-star trail reviews in their area.

Reading some of the reviews, the couple couldn’t believe people’s complaints.

This is what inspired their viral Instagram page Sorry Algonquin.

“People wrote reviews saying”Crowded and wifi not working‘ Where ‘I slipped twice in the slippery mud‘ like they expected more than nature on the trails,” Jesse said.

The Instagram page links real reviews to the couple’s beautiful photographs of the park as memes meant to be satirical and fun.

Jesse says it took a while to come up with a name for the page. However, went ‘Sorry Algonquin‘ came out that it was so Canadian and worked in so many ways that they had to use it.

“People started sending negative reviews to the writings hoping we would pick them,” Jesse told CTV News.

“It’s unfortunate; we don’t want to discourage anyone from going out or experiencing the natural beauty of the park.

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