Creative Outpost Launches Outcome-Driven Workshops, Focusing on Programs That Lead to Jobs in Content Creation

Nathan Nirschl (L), Hannah Straney and filmmaker Adam Muro discuss filming their as yet untitled work. The project was supported by The Creative Outpost, Inc.

Little Falls, NY – The Creative Outpost, Inc., a 501C3 nonprofit organization in upstate New York, today announced the launch of its workforce development initiative to combat regional unemployment among young people and adults in career transition.

According to David E. Warner, Founder and President of Creative Outpost, “The organization was inspired by a handful of industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of the opportunities and skills required for content creation and post-production jobs. high-demand production. According to Warner, there is growing interest in film, video production and content creation in upstate New York locations such as Albany, Syracuse, the Adirondacks and even in Warner’s hometown. , Little Falls. This was the catalyst for his vision to create a post-production ecosystem of skilled talent trained by industry leaders working in film, video, podcasting, journalism and media.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 21% increase in job prospects from 2020 to 2030 in content development industries, or 28,600 new jobs. This is much faster than the average for all professions. While a degree is always a plus, there are plenty of non-degree positions available as well.

Approximately 18,000 openings for broadcast, sound and video technicians are screened each year. The 2021 national median wage was $23.58 per hour or $49,050/year. New York is one of the highest jobs for audio and video technicians with 4,910 jobs (second only to California at 8,930) with an hourly wage of $31.16 or $64,800 (higher than California at 30 .24$/hr or $62,890).

Kayla Farrish and her film crew spent seven days in Little Falls filming parts of a movie called “Martyr’s Fiction.” The Creative Outpost coordinated student participation in the project, access to the Vincent Building, and community presentation at the Rock City Center.

Warner expects the first rollout of the workshop series to begin in July this year, focusing on photography, filmmaking and an introduction to cinema created using a smartphone. Instruction is hands-on, task-based, and delivered in-person by industry-leading professionals. Follow-up online course modules are also planned so that students can continue to build on their in-person workshops.

Creative Outpost’s goals are clear: to inspire individuals to consider a career in content development through technical knowledge and real job skills, to provide qualified interns to the film/video industries working in the North America region ‘State and create content development. hub in Little Falls that allows graduates to gain gainful employment locally without having to relocate to a major city or out of state.

For more information about Creative Outpost or to request notification for upcoming workshops, visit us online at

About Creative Outpost:
The Creative Outpost, Inc. is a 501C3 charitable organization that provides workforce development services in the form of job training, workshops, and internships to the general public to upskill workers in a changing economy and offers career paths to low-income youth with commerce. skills for employment locally and in the 45 minute shed of Little Falls, NY. The organization leverages its workforce services by fostering collaborative partnerships within the film, video, and media industries to facilitate internships and employment opportunities for its students.

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