CBS4 photographer saves the day by making splint for injured reporter – CBS Denver

(CBS4) — Journalist Michael Abeyta is a trail runner with several road races and a few marathons under his belt. But neither running credentials nor press credentials are a guarantee against unexpected injuries.

Fortunately, a new member of the CBS4 team had the perfect solution.

Michael was exploring a live shooting location on Saturday at Matthew Winters Park in Golden when the muddy embankment gave way and he slid into a ravine. Michael suffered a sprained ankle.

He was alone at the time, searching for a fallen tree for visual reference during his live 5 p.m. filming of metro power outages.

Mike said he struggled to get out of the ravine, but eventually made it and then crawled back to his news vehicle.

That’s when CBS4 photographer Danyelle Wyrosdick stopped by. She had been assigned to help Michael with his live shot.

“I called him, (and asked) ‘Where are you?’ Wyrosdick called back. “Mike said, ‘I really hurt myself.'”

Danyelle has been with CBS4 for three weeks. She said she got some kind of surprise every day at work.

But never one like this.

“He was in pain,” she said. It was also covered in mud and was supposed to be on air in 20 minutes.

“It just changed in my head,” Danyelle said. “I looked and I have a plastic bag. I filled it with snow and said, ‘Put that on your ankle.’ I was in first aid mode.

(credit: CBS)

She used paper towels, a small rope and gauze from their two first aid kits to create padding around Mike’s swollen ankle. Then, in perhaps the most ingenious move of all, he took two metal rods from Mike’s cutlery to make a splint.

“He could put weight on it,” Danyelle said of the ankle.

His job, along with anti-inflammatory painkillers, kept Mike on camera at 5 p.m.

“We were successful in our live shoot even though (producers) Rayla and Rachel gave us an out,” added Mike. “So thank you Dany for saving my bacon.”

Danyelle is certified in first aid and CPR after working as a lifeguard as a teenager and continually updating her training. She keeps her knowledge and supplies on hand for her wilderness hiking trips where sprained and twisted ankles are a definite possibility.

CBS4 photographer Danyelle Wyrosdick in an undated photo taken near Vail. (credit: Danyelle Wyrosdick)

But using that expertise to save a live shot? It’s a first.

“I just said to myself, ‘You know, he’s in a little pain, let’s fix that,'” Danyelle explained. “So I fixed it.”

At CBS4, we’re grateful she’s here.

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