Capacity building workshop organized for teachers

Islamabad: The National Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Authority (NRA) organized a two-day training and capacity building workshop for the teachers of Federal College of Education H-9 from 1-2 June 2022.

The workshop module was designed in the field of Islamic economics. Thirty-five professors of economics from various ICT colleges benefited from this training workshop. The inauguration began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and then began with a welcome note from Professor Dr. Tanvir Anjum, a member of the NRA. She warmly welcomed the dignitaries and participants. Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad, Chairman of the NRA, was the keynote speaker on this occasion. He inaugurated the program with a thought-provoking and extremely dignified lecture on the importance of Islamic economics. Professor Dr. M. Tariq Majeed gave a comprehensive lecture on the need for Islamic economics. Dr. M Tahir Mansoori and Dr. M Fahim Khan lectured on property, market and entrepreneurship from the perspective of the Islamic economic system. Dr. Ateeq uz Zafar shed light on the topics of consumer behavior, savings and investment while Dr. Muhammad Ayub explained the role of money, banking and finance in the Islamic economy.

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